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Weston Keller is a hardworking, self-made billionaire with an almost perfect life. The only problem is his wife’s disorderly, oversexed eighteen year old niece, Taylor. Late one night, Taylor makes it clear she wants him. Can Weston stick to his principles and resist her or will he give in to the taboo temptation of being with his very own barely legal brat?

Excerpt from Billionaire Daddy's Brat

Taylor started up the stairs, her ass cheeks spilling out of the bottom of her shorts. Weston tried to look away.

“Don’t think that just because you’re eighteen now you won’t be punished.”

Taylor stopped and turned around on the stairs. She held her wrists together in front of her like she was waiting to be handcuffed. “I know you’d love to punish me. Wouldn’t you Daddy?” she said, her voice low and seductive.

Weston shifted uncomfortably. Taylor licked her lips slowly and then smiled at him before continuing up the stairs, her pert ass wiggling with each step.

Weston scrubbed a hand over his face as soon as she was upstairs. She was going to be the death of him. She’d flirted with him since he’d married her aunt and she was getting better at it all the time. He was disgusted at her behavior, and at himself for reacting to her at all. He couldn’t wait for the brat to go away to college in a few months.

He stepped into his office and closed the door. She’d never called him Daddy before. It was disgusting. She knew exactly what she was doing. Back when he was in high school, girls didn’t act like that. Especially with older men.

And holding her hands out like she wanted to be handcuffed or tied up. He shook his head, but still the image rose unbidden in his mind. Pulling his tie off from around his neck and binding her hands tightly together. Bending her over his desk, the sound of his belt whooshing through his belt loops. Her moaning out Daddy again as the leather cracked against her bare ass, turning the tan skin a delicious shade of red.

He unbuckled his pants and let them fall to his knees as he grabbed his throbbing cock. He opened his desk drawer to get the lotion, jerking himself off roughly, imagining her yelps as he smacked her again and again with the belt. He came hard all over his desk. Horrified with himself, he angrily cleaned up the mess and collapsed into the desk chair.

He needed to stay as far away from Taylor as possible until she was safely away at college. He couldn’t wait until he didn’t have to see her prancing around the house half naked anymore.

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