First Look at Not So Innocent

Book One In The Losing It Series

Book Description

Maddie is an anxiety-ridden, over-thinker stuck in her small town while everyone else is off at college. When she meets gorgeous Frederick Munson, she can’t ignore her undeniable attraction to him or stop imagining them in the naughtiest situations. Now she thinks she’s finally ready to lose her virginity to the handsome stranger, if only she can keep her anxiety at bay.


Erotic Romance

New Adult

Excerpt from Not So Innocent

I couldn’t stop staring and looking down and repeating. Why would he look at me? Maybe it was just wishful thinking. There was no reason for him to stare at me, with that smirk or that face I couldn’t read.

It wasn’t like I was the only one looking at him. Everyone was sneaking glances or outright staring. Even the guys were looking, wondering if he was a threat. Shit, I needed to get out of this town.

“I’ve got to go,” I told Sara and she nodded absently.

I forced myself to walk by him without looking and I was out of the food court in a moment and burst into the nearest bathroom. I turned on the faucet and wet a paper towel, pressed it to my hot face. My skin looked extra pale next to my red, splotchy cheeks. My eyes were bright and glazed like I had a fever.

I hadn’t looked at him when I passed by, but I felt him staring. It was crazy, I knew, but I really felt like he was staring at me as I walked out of the food court- and no one ever paid attention to me. So why would this guy?

I wanted him to follow me into the bathroom and lock the door slowly behind him. We wouldn’t even speak; we’d be so overcome with lust that he’d crush his lips to mine and I’d wrap my arms around his neck. He’d lift me up and wrap my legs around his waist, pushing me against the wall, exploring my mouth and leaving a trail of sucking kisses on my neck. I’d moan in pleasure and he’d take me right there against the wall. Someone would try to use the bathroom and find it locked, hearing our sounds of ecstasy echoing off the walls.

I breathed out heavily and tossed the wet paper towel into the garbage, my lower half warm and wet. I desperately needed to lose my virginity.

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