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Scifi, Dystopian, Erotica

Book Description

In a dark future, Ceely lives far below the Earth with her community, safe from the mutants created by the chemical wars. But Ceely is out of place in a society that thrives on power through fighting and f*cking, and she’s tormented by a rival named Silver. Chosen as a Warrior, she’s forced to leave her home behind and fight the monsters Above. But the community has a secret, and Ceely learns everything she thinks she knows is a lie.

M/F, M/M, some violence

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Excerpt from Offered to the Monster

Soon the class forgot about me and turned excitedly to watch Raven and Silver fight.  They circled each other gracefully, placing effective punches and kicks at the right moments.  I turned toward the mirror and winced, looking away quickly.  My eye was half swollen shut already and the lower half of my face was covered in blood. 

Around me, students were whooping and cheering as they watched the fight, even though no one is supposed to speak while two students are battling.  I refused to look at them; instead I stared straight ahead like Macon does as warm blood trickled down my chin. 

After about ten minutes, Ms. Feldon realized there would be no winner, at least not if she planned to have the other ten students complete their final exam today.  She blew her whistle and congratulated Raven and Silver.

“Aw, Ms. Feldon, I was just about to kick her ass!”  Silver wiped at the blood dripping down his left cheek.  Raven must have clawed at him with her fingernails.  He had three thin slashes across his face that were smeared with blood.

“Like hell you woulda,” Raven said and gingerly touched her fat lip. 

That elicited an excited, “ohhhhhh” from the crowd. 

“You’re just lucky that whistle blew.  You were about to see your brains all over the cement floor,” she said. 

Silver’s eyes lit up and he grabbed Raven, pulling down her tight gray pants in one swoop. Raven hit him hard against the face and he shoved her against the wall. She bent over and spread her legs eagerly. He smacked her bare ass hard and she stumbled forward, leaning against the cement wall with both hands for balance. Silver pulled his erect penis from beneath his gray sweatpants. He entered her hard and fast, thrusting in and out. Their grunts echoed around the room.

“Harder you little bitch!” Raven moaned as he pounded her pussy, their skin smacking together roughly. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled hard. Raven’s face reddened as her head snapped back and she cried out in ecstasy. She fingered herself with one hand and arched her back to allow him deeper purchase inside her. Silver’s back muscles rippled as he pulled out of her and came on the back of her shirt. His cum dripped down her ass as she pulled her pants up. Raven turned around, grabbing his cock and stroking it with her hand, twisting it hard. Silver groaned in pain and smacked her, leaving a red mark on her cheek.

“Only winners get to cum,” Silver taunted.

“You didn’t win; it was a tie,” Raven said, trying to grab his huge shaft again, but Silver swatted her hand away and tucked it under his pants, the enormous tenting of the fabric making the girls and guys in the room salivate. 

The appreciative shouts from my classmates got even louder and I winced.  The way Silver and Raven glared at each other made me think they were going to fuck again. Silver just laughed and they playfully shoved each other all the way to the door.  They picked up towels to staunch the blood of their minor injuries.  They wiped their faces and whipped the towels at each other until Ms. Feldon chose the students for the next fight.

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Crikey! Reminds me of my high school days in Australia.

No, just joking. But that’s hot!