Free Excerpt of Owned by the Monster

Book 2 in the Mutant Monsters Series


Scifi, Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian, Erotica

Book Description

On the surface of the Earth, far above her underground home, Ceely is captured by Rafe, a mutant, and finds herself willingly submitting to his darkest desires. She develops conflicting feelings for both her captor and her old rival Silver as she learns the truth about her community. But one mistake will cost her the life she is building Above.

M/F, M/M, BDSM, dubious consent, some violence

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Excerpt from Owned by the Monster

I looked at Rafe. He was only an inch or two taller than me, but much heavier and more muscular. There was nowhere for me to run this time. I wondered if he was going to punish me for stabbing him with the knife. I expected the punishment, but not in front of Mason and Silver. Whatever Rafe was going to do to me would be humiliating, and I didn’t want Silver watching excitedly.

Rafe returned my gaze, putting his back to the cages as if they weren’t even there. He sat down on the edge of the dirty mattress. He tugged on my chain, jerking my head forward. “Sit down. Get down on your knees on the ground.”

I slowly dropped to my knees, trying to hide my shaking hands. I was a Warrior and he was a mutant. He hadn’t killed me though. And while he was intimidating looking, his odd gold colored skin was more mesmerizing to look at than scary. I wasn’t sure exactly when Rafe captured them and how long they’d spent with him, but Mason and Silver seemed like they’d been taken care of all right. They weren’t beaten and they didn’t act like they’d been tortured in any way.

“What is your name?” Rafe asked again, holding the chain attached to my collar loosely in his hand.

I didn’t answer. I wanted to stare him down, but after a moment looking into his black eyes, I had to look away. I was weak, as always.

“I can give you a name,” he said, scratching the dark stubble on his chin. He reached out to me and I flinched away from him. Undeterred, he grasped a thick strand of my deep brown hair, stroking it between his fingers.

“What’s another word for dark?” he muttered. I jerked my head quickly to the side and my hair slipped from his fingertips. He narrowed his eyes slightly and grabbed a fistful of hair on the back of my head and pulled it hard. My head strained back, my chin in the air and he looked down at me.

“I don’t like fighters,” he said tensely.

I closed my eyes, the back of my head throbbing as he pulled the hair around the bandage covering my wound.

“Your friends understand who is in charge here,” he said, acknowledging Mason and Silver for the first time since he put them in the cage together.

“You are my pet and I am your Master. I will do whatever I like with you. If you don’t obey, I will punish you.”

I was used to being punished. Being beaten if I did anything wrong. Being beaten by my classmates, in class and outside of it. But now Silver, my main tormentor, was locked in a cage behind me. He wore the same collar I did. The thought of it made me smile.

Rafe looked taken aback. I smiled even wider, showing all my teeth. I realized he probably thought I was laughing at him, or that I was crazy. I liked the idea of that. He let go of my hair and I looked straight into his eyes for the first time. They were so dark that I couldn’t tell the difference between the pupil and the iris.

Wordlessly, he stood and tugged on the chain in his hands. I got up slowly and he led me to the small, empty cage. I crawled inside. At least I wouldn’t have to be stuffed into the other cage, touching Mason, or even worse, Silver.

Rafe opened the other cage and motioned for the two men to get out. Silver climbed out first, stretching his long limbs. Mason stood up behind him.

“I know how you operate in your community,” Rafe said, his eyes on me. He spat out the word community like it was something vile. “You like to show power. So I will show you,” he told me. How do you know anything about us? I wanted to ask. We know nothing about you. But I didn’t open my mouth.

“Take off your clothes,” Rafe ordered.

Both Mason and Silver stripped off their dusty gray shirts, revealing pale muscular chests. They pulled off their gray pants and underwear. I’d seen both men’s cocks before, but only when they were already erect. Now they hung between their legs, but they made no movement to cover themselves. I waited for Rafe to order me to take off my clothes, trembling slightly.

Rafe slipped off his own shirt. His chest was very broad, his arms large and muscular. His torso was covered with black tattoos, something I’d read in a book in history class but never seen in real life before. There were strange symbols and outlines of animals. He removed his pants and revealed not one, but two, enormous and erect penises. They stood straight out like two thick golden rods.

I gaped at them. Rafe grabbed the base of each and stroked them with each hand. I realized I was staring and Rafe twisted his mouth slightly into something resembling a smile, or maybe it was just a grimace. He pointed to the ground and both Mason and Silver got on their hands and knees in the dust. Rafe spit onto his dual cocks and shoved one into Mason’s ass. Mason groaned and Rafe grabbed his hips, thrusting in an out of him in a practiced rhythm. Skin slapped together loudly and I watched Mason’s cock swell to its full length.

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