Hottest Erotica Subgenres in 2019

Hot sex is a given in erotica, but there are many subgenres out there that appeal to every kink and fantasy. Some are well-known, like BDSM, and some are a little out there, like monster erotica featuring Bigfoot or my personal favorite, the Mothman. I researched bestselling erotica on Amazon in the paid and free categories and also took a look at each erotica subcategory from action/adventure to western to bring you the hottest erotica subgenres in 2019.

Brats, Daddies, and Virgins

Quite  a few of the top selling erotica stories and novels included this popular subgenre. Daddies could refer to several things including age play, near incest (man and stepdaughter), man and barely legal girl, older man and younger man, and/or sugar daddy and sugar baby.

Near- or pseudo-incest were most popular and proudly splashed “taboo!” across the book covers. Amazon doesn’t allow actual incest erotica, so this daddy and stepdaughter fantasy is the closest that authors who publish there can get to the incest kink.

The term brat can also refer to several types of woman, including D/S relationships (a submissive looking for attention from a dom), an “attention whore,” or most likely, a young girl and older man. The spoiled brat fits in nicely with the daddy and stepdaughter subgenre.


Whether it’s a man recently out of prison trying to redeem himself or a mafia kingpin at the head of the family, criminals are a hot subgenre. A criminal is probably an alpha male or a full-blown dominant looking for his sweet submissive. The female character is most likely a good girl who tries to resist the temptation of the criminal, but their chemistry is just too strong.

A criminal may also have to pay off his debt or avoid jail time by engaging in erotic situations like working at a sex club or being a sex slave. Or the criminal could hold an innocent person hostage and they end up unable to keep their hands off each other.

Knight in Shining Armor

The knight in shining armor isn’t just a romance trope, it can be found in erotica and erotic romance too. The love interest might be a police officer or firefighter, or he could be a sexy mountain man ready to save the main character and then ravish her in his cabin afterwards.

He might be a good, kind man who is there to heal the main character with a dark past. Or he might be a reluctant hero who wants to stay away from the MC but can’t bring himself to leave her alone. The love interests may be thrust together into a traumatic situation, like running from bad guys or caught together in a remote area.


Fifty Shades made it popular, and BDSM erotica is still topping the charts in paid and free erotica on Amazon. The top eroticas are more like the popular James novels than a real-life D/S relationship. Books feature strong alphas, men with dark pasts, rich men (millionaires or billionaires), jerks or bullies who will do anything to possess the young, virginal heroine.

The man is controlling or perhaps downright mean to the woman he is after, but they both find intense pleasure in their sexual encounters which may become increasingly dark, or more romantic, depending on the author.


While paranormal erotica wasn’t as hot as it was several years ago, readers are still into alphas who are also shapeshifters. Reverse harem stories are still popular, and the ones I saw in bestsellers also had a paranormal bent to them, where the men were not entirely human.

There you go, the hottest erotica subgenres so far in 2019. The 100 topic erotica changes often, but readers love these types of stories and are always looking for a new one-handed read. 

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