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While not a necessity, a logo is a great edition to your author website. It can make your site look polished and professional, and it’s easy to use as an avatar when you comment on other websites or on social media if you don’t want to use a photo of yourself. Here’s how to make a logo for your website for free.

I made the logo for my site on because their website is very user friendly and completely free. Sign up for an account on Canva to get started and you can use this service for a variety of projects including book covers and promotional designs on social media.

While you can upgrade your account for a fee and/or buy certain photos or graphics on the site, there’s no need to spend any money if you don’t want to. They have an extensive selection of free designs and you can upload any of your own photos as well.

Getting Started on Canva

Now it’s time to make a logo for your website for free! On the homepage of Canva, type “logo” in the search box. A new tab will open up with a blank page and a variety of free templates to choose from on the left-hand side.

I found my logo by clicking on the All tab (see screenshot above where I circled it in red). Look for a logo that speaks to you, but also remember that you can change the colors, graphics, and fonts to fit your needs. You can also just look at the templates for inspiration and design your logo from scratch easily too. The black strip on the far left-hand side of your screen on Canva has Elements, where you can choose shapes, lines, photos, frames, and icons to make your logo one of a kind.

I planned to make my logo from scratch, but then I fell in love with one of the free designs.

This is what my logo looked like originally. As you can see from my homepage on this site, I didn’t change it much at all. I had already picked my website color palette to include black, red, and gold, so this logo was a perfect fit for my aesthetic.

Personalize Your Logo

I changed and resized the font and included what is important for people to know about my business: my name and my book genre. Canva has a great selection of free fonts to choose from.

I wanted to add a graphic to my logo that was on-brand so I searched for “lips” in the search bar after clicking on Elements (see the screenshot above where I circled it in red).

I also changed the background color to white because I wanted to be able to see the logo better, but that isn’t necessary to do, because after you finish your logo you can easily remove the background, which I’ll talk about in a moment.

Canva automatically saves your changes so you won’t lose your progress if something happens to your computer while you’re designing your logo. And that’s it! Canva is so easy to use that you can create an excellent logo in only a few minutes.

Finishing Up Your Logo

After you’re done with your logo, you can download it as a PNG and save it to your computer. I went to the website to remove the white background from my logo. Below is what the homepage looks like.

Click the gray box on the left-hand side of the screen and upload your logo. It will immediately show the logo with a transparent background. You can then save this new file to your computer.

The screenshot above shows my original white background and the new PNG with the background removed. Now you know how to easy it is to make a logo for your website for free.

Happy logo making!

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