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The Snowed In Series

Vivienne is excited for a long weekend at a mountain cabin with her best friends and gorgeous Chase Devene. But after a snowstorm hits, only Viv and Chase make it to the cabin. Viv is determined to make Chase hers and is not afraid to let him know just how much she wants him. As their passions ignite, Viv realizes that anything can happen when you’re snowed in.

Vivienne can’t believe she has Chase all to herself in a remote mountain cabin or that the sex is so unbelievably good. But as their relationship deepens, Viv worries about what will happen to them after the weekend is over. Will they go their separate ways or will Viv get her happily ever after with the man of her dreams? But for now, Viv is content to stay in their cozy cabin bed and let it snow.

The Deep Desires Series

Taylor is training for her first Olympic games as a proud member of the U.S. diving team. So why can’t she focus on the most important event of her life? While working out with her teammates Dana and Ian, Taylor finds herself unable to resist the temptation of a hot, sweaty threesome right there on the gym floor. Will the tryst be enough to ease her sexual frustration, or will it just leave Taylor wanting more?

U.S. Olympic diver Taylor decides to practice late at night but finds Cara Wittenberg, British diver and her main competition, already at the pool. As the two women spend time together practicing, their undeniable attraction heats up. They move to the whirlpool and the sauna for an unforgettable night of wild passion that has both women reeling…and completely satisfied.

After winning her first Olympic gold medal, U.S. diver Taylor decides it’s time to party. She ends up at the dorm in the Olympic Village known for it’s crazy nights and wanton sexual activity. She runs into the entire Polish men’s water polo team and decides she’s not leaving until she’s had all of them in her first gangbang.

All three books in the Deep Desires series available together for the first time. A $7 value for only $3.99! This steamy bundle includes:

Training for Gold

Living for Gold

Going for Gold 

Fun with Jane Series

Jane’s having an illicit affair with another teacher during school hours. Quick meetings in the teacher’s lounge turn into hot sex in a shared closet, but can they keep the heat between them a secret? Find out in Chapter 1 of Jane’s 100% true erotic adventures.

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After a disastrous first night in Las Vegas, Jane hopes to salvage the trip by having a one night stand. But will her sexy encounter in Sin City lead to something more? Find out in Chapter 2 of Jane’s 100% true erotic adventures.

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Jane’s been a very naughty and very busy girl. She meets a stranger at a hotel for an incredible one-night stand. She has a secret tryst with a friend who is supposed to be off limits. And she tries to get revenge on a coworker by hooking up with her boyfriend. Find out what happens in Chapter 3 of Jane’s 100% true erotic adventures.

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The Losing It Series

Maddie is an anxiety-ridden, over-thinker stuck in her small town while everyone else is off at college. When she meets gorgeous Frederick Munson, she can’t ignore her undeniable attraction to him or stop imagining them in the naughtiest situations. Now she thinks she’s finally ready to lose her virginity to the handsome stranger, if only she can keep her anxiety at bay.

Maddie thought she ruined her budding relationship with her gorgeous college classmate Frederick. But late night fun at the pool rekindles their romance. The perfect date takes them back to Frederick’s house and Maddie knows she’s finally ready to lose it with the boy of her dreams.

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The Billionaire Daddies Series

Weston Keller is a hardworking, self-made billionaire with an almost perfect life. The only problem is his wife’s disorderly, oversexed eighteen year old niece, Taylor. Late one night, Taylor makes it clear she wants him. Can Weston stick to his principles and resist her or will he give in to the taboo temptation of being with his very own barely legal brat?

Destiny hates working at the seedy strip club, but her luck is about to change when rich, famous musician Damian shows up one night. The rocker is just Destiny’s type despite their age difference. After an intense encounter in the back room of the club, Destiny heads back to Damian’s hotel room for more hot fun. At the end of the night, he makes an incredible offer that Destiny knows she won’t be able to resist.

The Mutant Monsters Series

In a dark future, Ceely lives far below the Earth with her community, safe from the mutants created by the chemical wars. But Ceely is out of place in a society that thrives on power through fighting and f*cking, and she’s tormented by a rival named Silver. Chosen as a Warrior, she’s forced to leave her home behind and fight the monsters Above. But the community has a secret, and Ceely soon learns everything she thinks she knows is a lie.

M/F, M/M, some violence 

On the surface of the Earth, far above her underground home, Ceely is captured by Rafe, a mutant, and finds herself willingly submitting to his darkest desires. She struggles to adapt to life Above and the new community she is forced to be part of as Rafe’s chained and collared “pet.”

M/F, M/M, BDSM, dubious consent, some violence

In the series startling conclusion, Ceely develops conflicting feelings for both her captor and her old rival Silver as she learns the truth about both her and Rafe’s communities. But one grave mistake will cost her the life she is building Above.

M/F, M/M, group sex, BDSM, some violence

Coming Soon

Stand Alone Stories

Cara is going to see her best friend’s brother, Mason, for the first time in five years. She lost her virginity to him and then never heard from the bastard again. Now Cara’s all grown up and determined to ignore Mason and hook up with someone else at her friend’s wedding. But can she resist Mason’s advances or will she fall into bed with him again?

Sara and Dean look forward to getting to know their new neighbors Raven and Luis, especially after the sexy couple asks them if they want to swap partners. Their first swinging experience gets even wilder when Raven and Luis reveal their BDSM room and their desire to dominate. It will be a night none of them will ever forget!