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Taylor is training for her first Olympic games as a proud member of the U.S. diving team. So why can’t she focus on the most important event of her life? While working out with her teammates Dana and Ian, Taylor finds herself unable to resist the temptation of a hot, sweaty threesome right there on the gym floor. Will the tryst be enough to ease her sexual frustration, or will it just leave Taylor wanting more?

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"Like all good sports stories, the action is intense, the competition tight, and everyone is on edge to see who comes first. I think it’s safe to say that there are multiple winners here, and the real gold medal goes to Jane, who narrates all of the action without losing track of what’s happening in this steamy, sweaty, saucy event."
"Training for Gold by Jane Caleb-Wood is an exciting FFM three-way fantasy erotica short that makes the best use of the time allotted. The author graciously combines story with steam to provide the reader with a memorable experience. A hard training session at the gym morphs into a sexy dynamic of three people that clearly have been waiting quite some time for this moment, and make the most of their opportunity."
"Training for Gold is the first addition in Jane Caleb-Wood’s scintillating, delicious series titled Deep Desires. Even though it’s a rather short read, it is definitely one of the best and well-written erotic stories that I have read in a very long time. Taylor, Dana, and Ian are all sexy and believable characters and Ms. Caleb-Wood’s writing is so captivating and engaging that it felt like I was in the gym right with them while they engorged themselves in the pleasures of the flesh. I am extremely impressed with Ms. Caleb-Wood’s talent and I cannot wait to feast myself on the rest of her collection. Make sure to purchase this book and support an amazing erotic writer."
"The idea of seducing and having incredible sex in the gym with a training partner (or two) is many people's biggest fantasies, including my own. Jane does a fantastic job at building the narrative quickly and getting all the pieces right between the two women and their male training partner. The sex is intense and very well written. I'm looking forward to the second edition to see where the story goes next!"

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Training for Gold is the first book in the Deep Desires Series. Book 2, Living for Gold, and Book 3, Going for Gold, complete Taylor’s incredibly sexy story.

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