Sneak Peek of Training for Gold

Book One in the Olympic Orgasms Series

Book Description

Taylor is training for her first Olympic games as a proud member of the U.S. diving team. So why can’t she focus on the most important event of her life? While working out with her teammates Dana and Ian, Taylor finds herself unable to resist the temptation of a hot, sweaty threesome right there on the gym floor. Will the tryst be enough to ease her sexual frustration, or will it just leave Taylor wanting more?

Excerpt from Training for Gold

Perhaps they could move from flirting to actually fulfilling the fantasies that had slowly been building in Taylor’s mind since they’d gotten to know each other.

She and Dana and Ian had been working out together for what felt like forever. They were friends. And Dana was her direct competition. Taylor didn’t know what had come over her. She’d always found both of them extremely attractive, but here she was practically drooling over them both and flirting like crazy. They’d always flirted a bit with each other, but Taylor was in rare form tonight. The stress of preparing for her Olympic dreams were finally starting to get to her and she desperately needed some release. The wetness built between her legs as she tried to concentrate on maintaining her form on the bench press, but it was difficult to ignore Ian’s cock hovering directly over her face.

Their workout for the night finished, they headed over to the mats to stretch. Taylor tried to concentrate on her stretches; she definitely didn’t want to get injured, but her mind was elsewhere. More specifically on Dana’s spread legs in front of her. The stretchy fabric of her shorts rose up so it looked like she was just wearing panties, the folds of her labia sucking the fabric inside her slightly, the outline of her lips on prominent display.

Dana collapsed on her back on the mat, stretching her arms up and arching her back, pushing her small breasts forward into the air. They were all drenched in sweat, but Taylor couldn’t stop the heat between her legs. She wanted to fuck; her whole body thrummed with her desire. Dana’s sports bra was damp in the middle where her breasts pressed together. Without thinking, Taylor leaned down and licked a single bead of sweat that ran between Dana’s breasts before it slipped into her sports bar. Her skin was smooth and salty beneath Taylor’s tongue.

Startled, Dana opened her eyes. Taylor felt her face flush. She’d never done anything like that before with Dana. Her horniness was making her crazy, lowering her inhibitions completely.

“Even your sweat tastes good,” Taylor said playfully, hoping she could just play it off as a joke. She was aware of Ian sitting up behind them, but for now she only had eyes for Dana, waiting for her reaction. Dana got up on her elbows and gazed up at Taylor.

“Does it?” she asked coyly and Taylor nodded, biting her lower lip slightly. “Well I’m still very sweaty,” Dana continued with a devilish grin. “Here,” she added, pointing to her stomach, “and here,” this time pointing lower, to the mound of delicious flesh barely covered by her shorts.

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